Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Little Bean

Sorry to those who have joined to see updates on crafts. That is just not happening this week! But, that is the joy of staying home with my Littlest Bean. We ran the bigger beans to Orthodontist and Eye appointments this morning and had fun playing at home with a friend all afternoon. Once the house got quiet and empty, naturally, Baby K woke up from her nap and was ready to .... snuggle!

She is not much of a snuggler. When she was teeny, she wanted to be swaddled and rocked all day. I had no problem with that. I loved it. But, once she got mobile ... she was done with the snuggles. We are lucky to even get a KISS from her on most days. If you aren't a stuffed Sesame Street character, or the foot rest or some other inanimate object ... NO KISSES FOR YOU!

I can't complain too much though. She is an extremely good baby. She always has been. She plays so well and doesn't destroy things. She loves to sit and page through books or cook in her kitchen. She isn't a big TV watcher, but she loves to have Elmo on the TV for noise and will often stop whatever she is doing to dance a little "jig" when music plays.

It is because of her awesome personality and independence that I am able to get as many crafts done as I do. With her playing quietly, I can sit down and work on things without too much interruption.

But, days like today, when she wakes up from her nap extra snuggly, I am not about to pass on that. I got her up from nap and gave her some crackers and cheese and came back to the couch to start knitting. She followed close behind and brought me her snack. I thought it was an odd way of telling me she was done, but after pulling her little self up on to the couch and settling almost on top of me ... she reached out and said "cheese". Then, pointed to the TV and said, "Elmo". (Monkey see, Monkey do. I often grab a snack, settle in on the couch and change to a program I want to watch.)

So, that is how we ended our quiet afternoon. Time to pick up the big girls :)


  1. Ahhh! The gift of an ordinary day with your little one. Sounds like heaven. My "baby" is almost 14 and I sure miss the snuggles too. Adorable pictures by the way!

    Penny Roach (Green Mom)

    1. Thank you for your kind comments :) and, it really does make a wonderful day. My older girls are 6&10 so I know how quickly these days pass!