Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The house is so incredibly quiet today! How amazing! It is almost TOO quiet at times. The big girls were off school for 4 days in a row. I love having them home. But, OH am I glad when they go back to school. I like having time to miss them through the day. It makes evenings so much easier! They are such good girls, they really are. But, they are sisters, and they have a love/hate relationship. So, after 4 days of breaking up arguments and wiping tears ... today has been a nice break. Now, I am ready for them to be home.

Oh well. On to my own stuff. I am trying to make a baby sweater. I have tried and started so many times. Then, I give up and work on a different project and finish it. HA! But, this sweater is haunting me, I am challenging myself to complete it! If I can only get past the first round.

This is how far I have gotten:

So, basically, it is the cast-on ... and half of the first row. I am supposed to cast on 41. Done. Row 1: knit one, purl one ribbing all the way across. Ok. Sounds easy enough. I have watched countless videos, I understand what I am supposed to do, but it turns in to a great ball of craziness. What is my problem? Ughg, back to the grind and struggle. I WILL CONQUER ROUND 1!

Updates will follow. Hopefully.

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