Friday, February 1, 2013

Showing some love to the St. Louis Cardinals!

I finally did it! I finished a project I started this week!! I kept getting side tracked and doing other things. But, I finished some hats!

We are pretty big Cardinals fans and go to games all season! (Hubbs even bought me a 5-ticket-pack for Christmas- although, I think he is planning on going along since he got 2 tickets to each game!) This past week, I was brainstorming hat ideas and thinking of ways to incorporate STL into my pattern ... but he came up with this MUCH easier way of making Cardinals gear. Embroidered patches!!


I love how when something seems difficult, he finds me an easy solution! He is the best! The pattern I was already working on was one I found on Ravelry. It just so happened to be a newsboy hat which works PERFECTLY with a baseball theme! So excited to make more with different colors and styles. Thank goodness Mike ordered 5 of each patch ... he was expecting some production!

Here is the finished product ... enjoy :)  

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