Monday, January 21, 2013

I'M BACK! For good this time!

I really need to make blogging part of my routine like it used to be. I used to wake up, do some networking, post a fresh blog and start my day. Well, that is how it would be on a good day. On a NORMAL day ... it meant getting lost in the world of blogs. I love reading them and catching up with fellow bloggers. A few minutes here and there led to hours lost. And, that was also back in the days of Kynslee's multiple naps and immobility. Now, she takes a good afternoon nap, but she is a busy girl in the morning.

So, anyway, here I am. Ready to commit to a self-inflicted challenge. I am going to post at least a few times a week. I go back and forth about blogging and really want to keep it interesting. I like focusing on my crafts, but my family is my life and they make it interesting. So, I am just going to combine my blogs here and keep them together.

Now, to prove to you that I haven't been slacking COMPLETELY in the last few months that I haven't been blogging, I am going to post pictures of my most recent creations. I have been busy building up a stock of hats for my online store, making them for the girls and also selling quite a few along the way! I am having a giveaway on my FB page for Little Sack of Beans. When I hit 50 likes, I will give away a free custom hat or scarf or security blanket! So, when you are finished here, head over there and like my page! Invite your friends and share the link for even more chances to be entered to win!

As promised, here are my finished and some "pending" projects as well! I can never only have ONE going - so there are always some in the works. Hope you enjoy!

Here are some handwarmers I made for Kaelyn ... she is now knitting herself a matching hat!

This is a newborn Christmas elf style hat! I made this with some amazingly soft Plymouth yarn ... I love that stuff!

I made this one with some more Plymouth yarn ... I have had it forever. I just love the striping of the colors. I can't decide what color to put on top though!

This one I am knitting in the round! Look at me go! I bought this yarn from a shop in Chicago, Loopy Yarns. The girls there were amazing in there. If you are ever in Chicago ... you MUST visit them. They also sell the Knitter's Pride wooden crochet hooks and knitting needles which are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (and well worth the cost!). I have enough of this yarn to make a baby sweater as well, that is my next brave adventure! (I am knitting these on Knit Picks interchangeables which are just as awesome as Knitters Pride ... as they should be, they are from the same manufacturer, just a different look. :)

I bought this yarn to make a snowflake afghan. Not sure what I was thinking. Crocheting 80 of the same thing for a whole blanket is a bit excessive ... I am lucky to finish ONE of something. So, it quickly turned in to a dress for one of Kaelyn's dolls.

This was the Santa hat I made for Baby Lucas. As soon as I get my computer back from Best Buy, I will post a picture of him in the hat. So adorable!

I also made the three girls coordinating Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 hats. Mike found a cute idea on Etsy and I made my own version. I really don't like being repetitive, so changing them up a bit satisfied my creative spirit. Kynslee loves wearing her hat and runs to and puts it on all the time, this picture just shows her hatred of being photographed!!

Is there a hat you would like to see on my page? Let me know! I love suggestions for new products to put in my store!

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