Saturday, February 2, 2013

Relaxing Saturday - we are getting old!

FINALLY! I got something done! Today was a wonderful Saturday. Hubbs woke up early to go to the gym and since Baby K loves to go "bye-bye" ... he took her with him! Thank goodness for childcare.
Our two bigger girls have mastered the art of sleeping in so that also is a big plus!
After Hubbs and Baby K left, I suddenly had a spurt of energy ... and I wanted to ... CLEAN! Oh man, I am such an old person. When I get in the cleaning mood, wonderful things happen. My bathroom was scoured and cleaned. And not just wiping off the counters and cleaning around the toilet. I emptied drawers, underneath cabinets, organized everything in sight and threw away tons of old bottles and garbage. What a wonderful feeling.
Once the bathroom was sparkling, I moved on to the closet and the rest of my bedroom. Thank goodness I also sell Scentsy because what is a clean bedroom without the yummy smell of Satin Sheets filling the air.
I think Hubbs was in shock when he got home. He was probably expecting to see me still fast asleep, but NOPE! Instead he heard my 90s station blasting on Pandora and a surprisingly energetic wife dancing and singing. (at least I had put down my toilet bowl brush  microphone)
Whatever was running through me, must have gotten him also. As soon as he got in, he started cleaning up the kitchen and jumped right in on cleaning. All this is very out of character for this house - especially since he usually works on Saturday. I could get used to having him around. My goal for today, before sitting down to crochet, was to clean our bedroom and bathroom and the kitchen. I have him fooled though. He mentioned "Wow, I didn't know this was how Saturday mornings go! Maybe I should stay at work!" Please don't, Babe. It really was nice having you home all day.
The highlight of my day came at dinner time. Hubbs and I had been making up a grocery list for our Saturday evening "date". Hey, I told you we were getting old! Anyway, he told me that instead of us going together, he was going to take the girls so I could have the house to myself for an hour or so. (I adventured to the Science Center last night with all 3 so he could relax after work so he wanted to return the favor!) WHAT?!?!!? Seriously, should I look outside and see if the sky is falling? He is too awesome! But, once I looked at the list and realized some of the things I needed (like almond bark and chopped green chillies) were not normally on the list ... guiding him to them might take longer than me just going. Plus, I needed to get out of the house. We left the big two at home (Jordyn was still napping) and took Little Bean with us. And, that was our exciting night! I told you we were getting old!

Here are some pictures of the hat I finished today:

Here are some fun pictures from the Science Center last night. We are really lucky to live so close to an amazing city that offers such cool stuff FOR FREE!!! 

Jordyn would not go anywhere near this big dinosaur. They move their heads around and roar ... I don't blame her. Kynslee was in awe.

Jordyn agreed to stand next to the one laying on the ground that just sort of moans and twitches a foot. But, she never took her eyes off the big one!

 Kynslee was laughing HYSTERICALLY at this platform city. You balance the city with buildings and cars and trees so it stays level. She had just pushed on one side and knocked the whole city down the hole.
 Jordyn was not so amused that Kynslee had dumped the whole city!

Of course we had to visit the museum gift shop. Kynslee loved these little monsters. They giggle and make obnoxious sounds ... seems appropriate that she emptied the bottom shelf of 3 of them so she could sit down among them. BABY FOR SALE!

What did YOU do this weekend?

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